Some Solid Tips for Kiss That Every Dude Must Know

Kiss a Girl

Dating can be tough for guys, you know. You see a girl you like, and you woo her. After a while, you guys start dating. Soon you start scheming on how to get to "first base"(kissing), knowing fully well that this is a "make or break" point in the relationship as your chances with her depend on the "success" of that first kiss. But knowing the right way to kiss a girl is not rocket science. No, it is not!

To be fair to some guys, kissing can be a very exciting but complicated situation when you do not know how to kiss a girl properly.

Most guys just don't know how to kiss a girl. Neither do they know how to start kissing a girl? You'd be surprised at the number of men who don't know how to kiss a girl on the lips.

But there's good news! You don't need years of experience before you know how to kiss perfectly! Thankfully, you will find some kissing tips for guys, so you don't have to go through any harrowing experiences.

These tips are also for those men who want to get more pleasure from their kissing sessions with girls. Whatever your level of experience, you will find some helpful info on the steps to kiss a girl from what you are about to read.No longer will you scour the internet with the question "how to kiss my girlfriend romantically"?That said, let's dive into some kissing advice.

Take Care of Yourself

This is one of the first steps of kissing a girl. You need to be in a kissable state where she would see rubbing lips with you as the next best thing after sliced bread. Would you want to kiss someone who looked unkempt and stank like a garbage truck? Of course not

Girls have a powerful sense of smell and can detect even the slightest odor. So you want to keep your mouth in mint condition when "prospecting" for a kiss. How do you do that?

Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouth wash. Get some candy if you can't do any of those. Stay away from strong-smelling food like onions and garlic. The idea is to keep your breath fresh and not to smell like leftover food. Kissing your girl with dry, cracked lips is also a bad idea because they could tickle her in the wrong way. You want to keep your lips soft and moist using lip lotion. Be easy on the ointment, though, and you also want to be sure that the lotion doesn't smell feminine or nauseous.

You also want to trim that mustache if you have one because having a mouthful of hair is most likely not on your girl's diet.

Prepping for the kiss is not difficult. Just remember these tips:

  • Check your breath
  • Make sure you smell nice: take a shower, wash your hair, use some cologne
  • Keep your lips kissable

Ooze Confidence

This is one of the crucial things you need to know on how to start kissing a girl. Remember the saying "love favors the bold? Confidence is an attractive trait, so make sure your girl feels the confidence oozing from you. Let her get the sense that you know what you want and get it because you deserve it. No girl wants to kiss a slobbering, nervous wreck (not even in the movies). So stand and talk like you know what you are doing. Lock eyes with her for as long as possible. Just like it is in the movies, a period of intense eye contact increases the tension and builds anticipation. Nothing turns a girl on like a confident man.

Read Her Body Language

How would you feel if you tried to kiss your girl on the lips and she ducks you or takes her lips away? Bad right? You could avoid this embarrassment by reading her body language. That's how you quickly find out if she is in the mood for a kiss or not. If she is not, then you want to abort the mission and try some other time. Look out for the following signs when you are with your girl:

  • Flared nostrils
  • Dilating pupils
  • If she gets handsy with you
  • If she licks or touches her lips
  • Her body position
  • The way she talks to you

Looking out for these signs is not rocket science. You just need to pay attention to it. If you find at least three of these signs, then you want to initiate the next step.

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Make Physical Contact

Remote kissing(Facetime kisses)is nowhere near as fulfilling as a one-on-one kissing session where you need to be close enough to her. So once you detect most of the signs above, you want to initiate light physical contact. The idea is to observe how she reacts to you entering her personal space. Regardless of where you are, here's how to make light physical contact without coming off too strongly:

  • If you are seated close to each other, let your arms rest lightly around her. Or you could let your knees touch hers in a friendly
  • Try touching her while you walk side by side. See if she lets you hold her hand
  • If you are about to say goodbyes pull her real close until you are within kissing range

There must be some form of physical contact before you start kissing. If you are looking for the best way to kiss a girl, you should start with light physical contact. It makes the kiss more natural and less forced. Use light physical contact to prep her for what is coming.

Turn on the Charm

This is where you do some sweet-talking. Give her heartfelt compliments. But you want to keep the compliments short and sexy. The point is to create an intimate moment that gets her mind and body ready for your next move, which is…

Go in for the Kill

Here's the major event where your understanding of the kissing rule on kissing a girl on the lips comes into play. It is the most crucial step in the process of how to kiss a girl properly. Everyone blows it once in a while, so you need not fret about being perfect. You just need to know what to do when kissing a girl. Read on.

So, how do you kiss your girl perfectly? Let your lips do the work. If you did your prep well, this step should be a breeze. Let her feel the firmness of your soft, smooth lips. How? Relax your lips and let them move with hers. Let your lips explore hers. Change kissing positions.

Make sure that your lips are the aggressor (remember that you are the man). That does not mean that you chew her lips. Just let her know who the boss is by using your lips to separate hers. That's the right way to kiss a girl.

You also want to add some passion by leaning in and flexing the muscles around your lips in a firm yet gentle manner. But remember to stay loose and relaxed. After all, what's the worse that could happen if the kiss goes terrible ( and it won't if you follow these tips). The world won't end, so forget everything and focus on the moment kissing your girl is all that matters now.

Whatever you do, keep the saliva at bay by letting your lips remain slightly open like you're about to say something. It's a kiss, not a saliva exchange. So keep that in check.

You also want to use your hands when kissing your girl. Cup her face in your hands or hold her when kissing. Draw her in and keep her there at least for the duration of the kiss.No groping—just light touches for now.

Check Your Tongue

A lot of guys think that kissing is about tongue play. Tongue play is advanced level kissing, and you stand the risk of turning your girl off when you don't do it right. So you have to strike a balance. Too much of tongue, and she is turned off. Too little of the tongue and the kiss lacks passion. What to do?

Start slowly. A little tongue here. A little there. Focus on playing with her tongue. Turn it up a notch when she starts responding but remember to take it nice and slow when using your tongue. Under no circumstance should your tongue be at the back of her throat. Neither should you whip it around in her mouth. Take it nice and slow…like a waltz, if you will.

Parting Shot?

It's okay to feel some nerves. The fact is that the nerves are part of the excitement.No one wants to blow their relationship because they don't know how to kiss a girl properly. This article offers great kissing advice. Just make sure that you follow every kissing rule described in the article. That way, you will no longer be worried about the right way to kiss a girl.

In sum, remember to prep yourself well and watch out for signs that she is interested in kissing you. Once that's settled, ease into the kiss and have a great time savoring her lips. Happy kissing!