Why You Need To Create Sexy Texts to Send Her

Text Messages for Her

So what's the big deal about using hot text messages to get her in the mood? Why should you be thinking of sexy things to text your girlfriend? To be honest, you must not. You could go about your relationship the old-fashioned way: hold hands for hours when you are together and pine for each other when you are apart.

That's all fine and dandy. It's also the recipe for a dry, boring relationship that your girl will soon tire of and eventually leave when she finds someone willing to put some sexiness into his interactions with her.

You see, seduction is at the core of any romantic relationship. Unfortunately, many guys think that it all ends with candlelit dinners, movies, long walks, hangouts, and whatnot. They forget that the woman's mind is her biggest sex organ and that you could easily stir it up with something as simple as a text message!

Yeah, you heard right— a text message.

The truth is whether you like it or not, your girl is a sexual being with a wild imagination that you should be taking advantage of. You should have her thinking of you and all the naughty things you guys could do together. After all, you are adults, right? So, there is nothing wrong with using a little sexiness to keep things interesting between you two. Heck, creating naughty texts for her is a great idea. Why?

Why Your Girl Needs Hot Text Messages to Turn Her On?

Your girl wants to be continuously seduced. She wants to read hot text messages to turn her on, so you better get to it. Or she might find someone who will. Here are some reasons why sending your seductive girl messages is a great idea:

  • Seductive messages are like foreplay
  • You could use dirty texts to tickle her fantasies
  • They make her feel desired
  • They spice up your relationship
  • It helps you to bond better with her
  • It's a fun experience
  • You could use it to create sexual tension
  • It could become your little secret that no one knows about
  • You could do it whenever you want

That said, sexting is more of an art than science, so you will need to know the right kind of sexy things to text your girlfriend to be able to get her hot and bothered for you. But guess what?

Since you are already here, why don't you spend the next 5-10 minutes reading through the rest of the article?

Let's dive in.


Using Sexual Texts for Her

How do you use sexual texts for her? Simple. Send text messages to get her in the mood once in a while. You also want to mix up the flavors: flirty, sexy, naughty, dirty, and such. You know your girl better than anyone, so you should know the kinds of texts that hit the spot (pun intended) without coming across as desperate or corny.

That's why creating sexy texts for her is an art that you need to master. Thankfully you found this article, so you are well on your way to mastering the art of creating kinky texts for her.

The first trick you should know is that your dirty texts for her should be short, unique, and straightforward. Yet dirty enough to play into the tons of fantasies in her mind. And her mind is a labyrinth of desires. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

The second trick you need to know is that sending hot text messages to turn her on is about timing. She has to be in the right frame of mind to be receptive to the naughty texts you send her. Enough said, let's take a look at something else.

How to Craft Seductive Texts Messages for Her?

Here is where most men drop the ball. Many of us guys want to get in their girls' heads, but they do not know the "how." The truth is you can't blame them because not everyone is born with the gift of garb. Heck, you'd be amazed at the number of guys struggling with getting hot text messages to turn her on.

But the good part is that you can get really good at creating text messages to get her in the mood if you took the time to learn how. Some guys might find it a waste of time, but you probably think differently since you are reading this. By now, you should understand why sexual texts for her are important. With that in mind, here's some advice on how to get sexy texts for her:

Keep it Playful

What is seduction without a lot of fun? When thinking up a naughty text for her, you should be looking for a way to talk about sex while sounding innocent. It's like making a cocktail, you need to have the right blend of drinks. Seductive text messages should not be heavy on humor or sexual expressions. The idea is to keep it all light, fun, and conversational. When you do this right, you will come up with a text that makes her feel like getting down with you will be a fun experience to look forward to.

Add Sexual Innuendos

Sexual innuendo is key to craft raunchy sexting messages for her. It is a great item to have in your bag of tricks because you could use it to playfully tease women while making them feel comfortable discussing sex with you. Using sexual innuendos requires some skill because it is easy to overdo it. With time you will be able to use the right words and phrases to create the right effect.

Tell Her How You Feel

Girls have a sixth sense that allows them to understand emotions very well. Your girl will know when you are faking it so if you feel like getting down with her, say so.

But you have to be careful about how you do that. Like with the tips above, you need to express yourself to get it without feeling cheap and such. The idea behind your sexual texts is to make her feel like your sexual desire for her is a great thing and something she should be proud of. Let her see herself as an inspiration for this wonderful thing you are feeling.

But much as you want texts that will turn her on, you don't want to come across as desperate or creepy. Find a way to balance your desires and sense of awe to come across as needy. Neediness is a big turnoff!

Use the Right Words

You shouldn't type like you are in 10th grade just because you want to sound cool in your sexual texts for her. You are a grown man, so you want to come across as one. Choose your words wisely. Read them back to yourself. Do they sound bold, playful, and exciting? Or do they come off as forced, needy, or bland?

Your text aims to seduce, and you only do that by being bold and fun at the same time. When typing dirty texts for her, try to use words that are descriptive yet specific and clear. Let your words paint a picture that she sees and feels while reading the text.

Incorporate the "dirty dream."

This is similar to sexual innuendo, except that it involves stories that trigger her imagination. Remember how vivid some of your dreams can be? That's the same effect you want to create in her mind. Tell her about this dream(real or imagined) where both of you were doing a lot of unspeakable things. You will need to be creative here because you might have to make stuff up. Remember to keep it short, too, so that the text doesn't read like a novel.

Now that You Know

Most masters of the dating game didn't get their experience after reading a few articles on dirty texts for her. You won't either.

Using the tips you just read about will take some practice, but you will get the hang of it with time. The trick is to open her sexually with the right words. Always try to remember these pointers:

  • Be easy on the charm
  • Use the right words
  • Keep it simple, fun, and sexy
  • Be clear about how you feel

You are going to need to practice, practice, practice. That's about the only way to become a master at creating text messages that get her in the mood. On the flip side, you could just stop putting in the work. After all, why put all that work into a relationship when you could be making more money or doing some other thing.

Just do what works for you. But remember that anything worth having takes work and practice, even a relationship.