What Makes a Woman Physically Attractive to Men?

Woman Attractive to Men

"What do women look for in a man" is a popular search query across search engines because the male folk is continually looking to look better for their women. Interestingly, a lot of folks wonder the same about the flip side of things. People also want to know what makes a woman beautiful. Is it her body? Her mind? Her personality or attitude to life? Whatever the reason(s), men appear to be attracted to women who have certain characteristics. While every man has a unique preference as to what he is attracted to, you could say that men are attracted to women for two main reasons:

  • The physical
  • And others

Some men prefer one over the other while others lean toward a blend of both-To each his own.

Men have always been attracted to what they see, so it's only right that they would be big on the physical features. So what are the most attractive physical attributes of a woman? Better still, what do men like in a woman's body?

Chill. You are about to find out the answers to your questions in a bit. Just read on.

An Hourglass Shape

Women with hourglass shapes almost always turn head heads wherever they go. Have you noticed how men (and even women) react when a shapely lady passes by? There is something about how their clothes hug their bodies' contours that most heterosexual men cannot resist.

Heck, a lot of men prefer a "banging" body to a pretty face! You don't have to take my word for it, though; there are loads of studies that suggest that shapely women are more likely to be hit on by men than less endowed women. To most men, a thin waist and wide hips are some of a woman's most attractive physical features. To them, an hourglass shape is what makes a woman beautiful physically.

Luxuriant Hair

Ladies go through many hoops to make sure that the hair on their heads is always in great condition. Why else do you think they make all those trips to the salons and are frequently on the lookout for the latest extensions and weaves?

Women understand that men find rich, luxuriant hair to be attractive, and it is often seen as what makes a woman attractive to a man. That's not saying that a woman's hair can stand in for her doctor's report. I mean that a full mane of rich, robust hair adds some vitality to a woman's looks.

A Cheerful Disposition

What makes a girl attractive? A cheerful disposition has to be one of those things. The chances are that a man would be more willing to interact with a smiling woman than a frowning or expressionless one. Why? A beaming face has a way of making women look way more attractive than they would if they had their poker face on. A cheerful face makes a woman much more approachable and appealing to men, whether it's online or in-person.

A Pretty Face

Have you ever asked the question, "what do guys look for in a woman's appearance?" A pretty face has to be one of them. Few men can resist a pretty face because it is one of the most attractive physical features of a woman

History, religious literature, movies, and the media all attest to the power of a cute, female face. To a lot of males, that is all that matters. Whether it is an online photo or someone they meet along the way, many men can't help being attracted to a pretty face.

Natural Looks

Artfully applied makeup has the power to transform faces, and these days a lot of women are exploiting its potential to the maximum. Heck, some even overdo it. However, while a well-made up face is alluring to one man, the next man might prefer a look with much less makeup. Many men are all in for the natural look and are drawn to women who have decided to walk the less traveled and less colorful path with no mascara, foundation, lipstick, or eyelashes. To such men, natural looks can be considered as what makes a woman beautiful physically.

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Other Things Men Find Attractive in Women

A lot of dating or marriage stories started as one-nightstands that grew into serious relationships. In most cases, the man saw some physical attributes that attracted him, but what kept him long-term were other things like:


What makes a woman beautiful to a man? Is it just her self-confidence or more? Confident women have an aura around them that a lot of men find very attractive. For many men, few things feel as great as knowing that you have a woman who can handle her business. They find a comfortable woman in her skin to be much more appealing than a woman with low self-esteem. A confident woman is also more likely to explore her sexuality to satisfy her partner's sexual needs. And since men are wont to be drawn to all things sexual, it is easy to see why some men are attracted to confident women.

Sense of Style

A sense of style is not to be confused with haute couture and whatnot. Rather, it is built on the fashion choices that a woman makes. Many women can pull an eye-catching ensemble with relatively cheap accessories, while others decked inexpensive apparel cannot pull off the same effect. It's a thing of style, and most men are quick to tell if a woman has a sense of style or not. So when you ponder the question, "what do guys look for in a woman's appearance." You might consider her sense of style, which makes her unique and attractive enough for a relationship.


This is one trait that men find attractive in females. The intelligent woman can carry on a good conversation as she is comfortable talking about various topics. What's more, she has her own opinion on things and can make her own decisions(at least most of the time).

A lot of men who are in serious relationships or marriages agree that her intelligence is one of (if not the only)the things that attracted them. No one wants to have a dumb bimbo when you have friends and family over. It is one thing to bear a woman's intellectual challenges in private and another to take the embarrassment it brings in public. So a lot of men want to only deal with intelligent women.

A lot of successful women at school, work, and even marriages are very intelligent women. A man who is thinking long-term will most definitely find intelligence very attractive in a woman. To him, her intelligence is what makes a girl attractive to him.

Humor and Passion

Are humor and passion what makes a girl attractive to men? To some men, yes. This is one great combo that most men find attractive in women. For one, everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially when you are in a relationship. A sense of humor goes a long way in ensuring that things do not get boring, especially when things are not looking up. A lot of men will feel drawn to a woman who can bring a spark of humor.

Men are also drawn to passionate women who feel strongly about things. Having to find this combo in a woman is a huge turn-on for a lot of men. And why wouldn't it? A passionate woman makes dating or marriage a great experience. When you add a great sense of humor to the mix, you get a woman who can easily have her pick of men.

How to Be an Attractive Woman?

Many women might not find a lot of the things we just talked about in or on themselves. Does that mean that they are unattractive? NO, it doesn't. The thing is, while you can't cheat or blame nature for not giving you certain "things," you can learn, unlearn or re-learn your way into becoming an attractive woman. Here is some advice on how to be an attractive woman.

  • Dare to be Different
  • Accept your Flaws
  • Follow a skincare routine
  • Eat healthily.
  • Work out regularly
  • Get regular beauty treatments
  • Smile
  • Celebrate Life
  • Work on your personality
  • Learn new things

So, What Makes a Woman Attractive to a Man?

That depends on who is asking because it's different strokes for different folks in most cases. Generally speaking, men are attracted to either the physical features of a woman's body or the other less obvious parts. Sometimes (most actually), it's a varying blend of both. What do guys look for in a woman's appearance? You guys look for many things, but they focus on her body and looks most of the time.

On the other hand, many guys find a great personality to be as attractive (if not more) as the physical side. Then there are the guys who want both. By and large, what a man finds attractive in a woman is mostly a function of his personal preference and, to some extent, the standards set by the environment he finds himself in.