Common Signs to Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating

What Are the Signs Your Wife Is Cheating?

Unfortunately, infidelity is a common factor in a relationship, and for many, it will come as a bitter blow to discover that your partner or wife is cheating. For some men, that lead busy lives and are immersed in their careers, it may be that a cheating wife remains hidden for months or even years. On the other end of the spectrum, there will naturally suspicious men that assume that their wife is not to be trusted or the slightest thing arouses suspicion. We take a look at some of the more obvious and then the discreet signs of a cheating wife.

Uncovering a Cheating Housewife

Where to start. Well, first, there will be obvious indicators that all is not well. Some men will be able to tell straight away that something is wrong. It may be that she suddenly behaves differently around you and that her demeanor seems different. It could be that you were arguing a lot, but now you have stopped. This can be an indication that she has resigned herself to the issues in your marriage but is getting what she needs elsewhere. The changes can be very subtle, of course, and it may take some guys a little longer to realize that their wife is cheating. From small physical changes to more mental and psychological changes, first of all, you have to accept that it could be a possibility and be prepared for what you might find out.

Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

From a makeover, a new image, and a wardrobe full of new, sexier clothes to her being distant and not touching you, there are physical signs that your wife is cheating.

A New Image or Appearance

To some men the first sign that things are not as they were, is the major change in hair – a short cut, a new color, physical appearance significantly changed – well-manicured, nicely dressed, new, sexier clothes, even new underwear that you might find that you haven’t seen before. If she is suddenly undergoing a new image transformation, while it can be entirely innocent, it does pose the question of why she is suddenly so interested in new clothes and makeup and leaving the house looking well-groomed. If it is not for you, then who is it for?

She Doesn’t Cuddle You or Touch You

If you go to cuddle her or show her affection, does she respond? Does she make an excuse that she is busy or has something else to do or somewhere to be? A one-off can be forgiven or excused as a bad day, but if this seems to be increasingly regular, then there may be a reason that she doesn’t want any affection or intimacy from you. If you have stopped having sex, it is also an indicator that all is not well, especially if you were quite sexually active before.

Other Signs that Your Wife Wants Another Man

Less obvious signs are the non-physical ones. She may be distant in her whole demeanor, not just in intimate situations. Perhaps she doesn’t really talk to you about her day, or she seems to have a new circle of ‘friends.’ Constant bickering, complaining, and arguing could have ceased. Does she go out to a new class, or is she cheating while you are at work? Has she suddenly got a new hobby that takes up a lot of her time? When she does go out, does she seem cagey about where she is going? Maybe she is suddenly being really nice to you and asking about your day when normally she wouldn’t do due to a sense of guilt. It seems sad that you have to question your wife suddenly being nice to you, though.

How Does She Act with Her Phone?

In this modern age of technology, one of the biggest indicators that someone is having an affair is their relationship with their mobile phone. Perhaps previously, you were always just able to both leave your phones lying around face up and not bothering if a message pinged up.

  • She hides it in her handbag
  • It is always on silent
  • She checks it regularly, - more than before
  • She goes mad if you touch her phone
  • She actively tries to hide it from you
  • It is left face down on the table
  • Her notifications are no longer on
  • She absolutely will not let you look at it
  • It goes everywhere with her

Now, if you suspect and want to learn how to tell if a woman is cheating or lying about cheating, then you could demand to see her phone. Now, this one is risky as if she is doing nothing wrong, and you run the risk of putting mistrust into your marriage. Previously, you have always just trusted each other, but now you are suggesting that you don’t trust her, which is going to cause issues. Of course, if she is lying, then this may be the way to find out.

The Signs that Your Wife May Be Cheating at Work

It may be challenging to know when a spouse is cheating at work. They leave for work at the same time and come home at the same time and maybe don’t really act differently, but do they? How do you know they aren’t having a quick hookup or encounter after work when she is working late or perhaps arranged an afternoon off to sneak off and see her lover? While we don’t want to put these thoughts in your head, unfortunately, if she is cheating, there is a possibility that it could be someone from work. If she was always a bit nonchalant or not enamored with work before but suddenly seems to love going to the office, then this could be an indicator. How does she look when she walks out of the door? Is she all dolled up for a day at the office when previously she wasn’t really bothered? Does she make excuses about why she is late home saying she just went for a drink with the girls? This may arouse your concern, especially if she has never done this before.

Wives Cheating on Their Husbands Is Not Uncommon

It is a sad fact that wives cheat on their husbands and that it is not uncommon. It may be that you have been together years, and she is now looking for more, or you may not have been married for very long, and she needs something more. If you are away a lot, have a demanding job, or don’t pay her as much attention as she deserves, she may feel that she needs the attention from elsewhere. While there is no excuse for cheating, it does happen. If you have concerns that your wife is cheating, then in the first instance, make sure that you have enough evidence to base these concerns on before you bring it up. When you are sure that you are not mistaking the signs, then sit down and ask her about it calmly and without being confrontational. While you are obviously going to be hurt and upset, you don’t want to scare her into lying about it. Encourage her to be honest and open, and then you can decide if this is something that you can both work through together.