How to Tell if there’s Sexual Tension and How to Build on It

sexual tension

When you are sexually attracted to someone, it’s easy to think that the person is sexually attracted to you too, especially when they leave you in the dark about their feelings and show you the green light once in a while. The sexual tension between two people is an important factor in building an explosive sexual relationship. There are lots of upsides when you crack the code of true sexual tension, but first, you need to understand what sexual tension means.

Be Open to Signs of Sexual Tension

Be aware when you have sexual tension with someone. There are signs (which we will soon discuss) that are very visible when you have sexual tension with

Sexual Tension is More than Being Sexually Attracted to Someone

Although sexual attraction to someone is a key part of sexual tension, it’s not all there is. Sometimes you are sexually attracted to someone, and you keep it to yourself and act normal when you are with the person. That’s not sexual tension. Sexual tension is more than that.

What is Sexual Tension?

Sexual tension happens when two people interact with each other constantly with visible sexual desire from one or the two of them, but the actual sex is postponed or never happens. You know that kind of feeling we get from reality shows from stars or celebrities who are visibly attracted to each other on-screen? They talk flirtatiously, so much that the viewers can feel the sexual desire or energy coming out of their interactions, but the actual sex never happens.

Many of us know the feeling in real life. We know people in our lives that set us on fire when we talk to them. They make us feel a type of way when we chat with them or text them over the phone, and we can almost conclude that they feel the same way with us too. However, many of us shoot wrongly and miss. Sometimes, we are dead wrong when we think we have sexual tension with someone else. Sometimes, the sexual tension actually exists, but we don’t deal with it properly, so we lose it. Other times, the sexual tension doesn’t exist, but we don’t know how to create it. We need to learn that too.

Let us go a little deeper into details on how to deal with sexual tension, how to tell if there is sexual tension, what sexual tension between friends looks like and other important related things you need to know about sexual tension.

How to Tell if there is Sexual Tension Between You and Someone Else

If you have seen the signs of sexual tension when you talk to or are around someone, then you most likely have sexual tension with that person.

Signs of Sexual Tension at Work

When there is this visible sexual connection you have with someone at work that is more than official business or friendliness, you most likely have sexual tension with that person. When you catch yourselves staring at each other, lingering a bit after a handshake or flirting without boundaries, you might have some sexual tension with that person at work.

How Do You Know if You Have Sexual Tension with Someone?

Sexual tension is not a scientific term, so there is no testable, blank and white method to understand it. However, many relationships and sex experts have said that if you get to a point with another person where you feel like only a sexual encounter with the person will kill the tension you feel; then you probably have sexual tension with that person.

Sexual tension can be one-sided or mutual. Sometimes you have to be sure it is mutual before you go all out to try to make advances at the other party. If you don’t deal with sexual tensions like a mature person, you could end up destroying a friendship.

Some signs of sexual tension between man and woman include:

  • Eye contact: Eye contact is one of the surest symptoms of sexual tension. If you are having prolonged eye contact with your crush or a person you like, and the person doesn’t attempt to drift off or remove their eyes, then there’s probably something there.
  • Awkward conversations: When you get together with the person you like, and you find yourself having awkward conversations, laughing at awkward jokes, etc., then you probably have some sexual tension with said person.
  • Your friends notice something: When you have sexual tension with someone, sometimes it is confusing, and you may not even notice it. However, your close friends won’t miss it. When they see the way you two stare at each other or how awkward your conversations are, they will ask you about it.
  • Long stares: When you have sexual tension with someone, you find it difficult keeping your eyes off the person. You will catch yourself staring at the person for long, and if the feeling is a mutual one, you may catch the person doing the same.
  • You flirt with each other: When you have sexual tension with someone, both of you are cool with having flirty conversations with one another. Flirty talk just comes easily with the two of you, and you don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells. When this happens, congratulations, you probably have sexual tension with the person, and the good news is the person probably feels the same way too.

Sexual Tension Symptoms are Easy to See

If you keep your eyes open, you can easily notice when there are signs of sexual tension between you and someone else or between two different people.

Signs of Sexual Tension Between Man and Woman May not Lead to Anything

Sexual tension does not mean actual sex or relationship. Keep in mind that even if you feel the sexual tension between you and someone else, it may not lead to anything in the future, and it may even die down.

When You See Signs of Sexual Tension Between Coworkers

The sexual tension between two people at work can sometimes make working around them difficult or clumsy. When this happens, you can try to have a conversation with them separately and let them know their sexual tension is making work difficult and try to get them to act professionally as much as possible when they are at work.

How Do You Know if Someone is Thinking About You Sexually?

When you and your friends or people around you can notice a mix of some of the signs of sexual tension as mentioned above, then there is a good chance that person is thinking about you sexually. Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain for real, but other times it’s out there in your face.

How to Deal with Sexual Tension

If there are signs of sexual tension between coworkers or friends, it may become a difficult situation to deal with. If you are the person feeling the sexual tension with another person, how you handle it matters a lot and it just might be the difference between you getting closer to the person and you losing a friend because you handled it wrongly.

If you find that you have sexual tension with someone, here are some ways you can handle the situation:

  • Keep cool: You don’t want to rush it and jump the gun. When you find that you have sexual tension with someone, act cool and see where it goes. Don’t get worked up or too fired up; you could end up spoiling it.
  • Send signals: Send signals to the person that you understand what is going on, and you are interested in taking it a bit further. Every time you talk, try to increase the level of flirtation and see how the person reacts. If they are open to going with the flow, then you can keep increasing it subtly.
  • Ask: If there are any grey areas, ask. If the person acts flirtatious with you sometimes and avoids you at other times, you might want to ask. If you have sent signals and you are not so sure if the person is interested in flowing with you, then you should ask. Don’t ask blatantly and be sure that the two of you have some kind of tension before you pose the question or else you may not like the outcome.
  • If you don’t want it to continue, end it: If you are in a committed relationship or maybe you see signs of sexual tension at work, and you don’t want it to continue, then you need to swallow the bitter pill and end it. If you are feeling sexual tension with another person while you are in a relationship, then you are probably missing something in your relationship. If this happens, you might want to have a conversation with your partner and see if you can spark things up and build sexual tension again.

When Sexual Tension between Friends Happen

It is completely normal to feel the sexual tension between friends, and sometimes this feeling might lead to something serious. It is normal because you can get sexually attracted to a person due to the person’s personality or looks after knowing the person for a long time.

So, what do you do when you feel sexual tension with your friend? Do you dump the feeling, or do you work on it? Well, it depends.

If the other person is interested in a sexual relationship or going with the flow sexually, then both of you can work out something. However, if the person is not interested, then you have to consider the person’s feelings and put an end to it. If the person is not interested and you still go on to force it, it might have an impact on your friendship.

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