Detailed Address To What Girl Wants In Bed Arguments

What Do Women Want In Bed

How to please a woman in bed is one issue that most guys have been trying to figure out ever since they discovered sex. This is because sexual satisfaction is key to the success of most romantic relationships. That's why a lot of guys are bent on knowing how to please a woman in bed. That way, they are sure that they have covered a vital element in their dating relationship.

Figuring out the things women want in bed is not that easy. Why? Because every girl is unique, so it's challenging to arrive at a one-size-fits-all formula for what all girls want in bed. Their desires are just as diverse as their bodies are. That's why guys are advised to understand the woman's body, erogenous zones, and fantasies.

But before you start exploring the wonders of a woman's body, you need a map of sorts that shows you how to go about your exploration. The best way to get this is to start with what women want from men sexually. This will give you an idea of what girls like in bed, so hopefully, you become a better lover with a satisfying relationship.

Knowing what a woman wants sexually is the reason you are here, right? Here are a few tips that can help. Let's dive in.

Take Control

Here's one thing that women secretly want from their men. Women want a man that can dominate the bedroom. Especially if he knows how to mix the right amount of aggression with passion, you'd be surprised at what women secretly want from men. Sometimes, women want to be the aggressors in the bedroom, but that's only once in a while. Women want aggressive sex, the type that leaves them panting for breath later.

There is a difference between aggressive sex and plain brutish sex that leaves her bruised in a bad way. You need to understand this. While women want to be made love to like the world will end tomorrow, they don't want their tender body parts bruised like they were hit by a truck or something. Always remember that. The secret is to be mindful of her response to the things you try with her.

Talk Dirty

Maybe nasty talking is more like it. Women love to be talked dirty to while you are in bed with them. At least those women who love sex do.

How nasty you get depends on the girl and what turns her on. Feel free to get into some dirty talking because that might be the only time you get a pass to trash talk your woman. Use your imagination.

Dirty talking will need some sexiness, so try to sound sexy while dirty talking to her. The caveat is that you should know your girl's shock threshold so that you don't say something that kills the buzz.


Explore Her Inner Slut

Have you seen the movie 50 Shades Of Grey? The leading female character is led on a journey of sexual exploration that ends with her discovering that she has a slutty, kinky side to her educated, "good girl" persona. The movie and its sequel were major blockbusters because many women could relate to the fact that women have a slut in them that is waiting to be released. At least once in a while.

Sometimes women want to be treated like ladies in the bedroom, but there are times that they want to do freaky things. Here's a secret.

Being allowed to explore her inner slut is what women secretly want from men. They don't want to be judged, so they won't go about proclaiming it. But once she knows that her secret is safe with you, you'd be surprised at what she had been barely concealing.

Give Her All Your Attention

This is one of the more popular things women want in bed. She wants to feel like she is the center of your world while in bed with her. Focus on her body. Try as much as you can to make it all about her whenever you guys are in bed together. Make her believe that the world revolves around her.

They want you to try to give pleasure by touching the non-erogenous zones of her body. To her, it's about feeling desired, and what better way to do that than to touch all the plains and crevices of her body. See how far you can stimulate pleasure in her before you penetrate.


Women live for compliments. Its many things to them: confidence boost, lifesaver, and aphrodisiac too. So while both of you are sweating and getting it, she wants you to remind her that she is still beautiful without her clothes on. She wants you to praise her, telling her why you find her so alluring and beautiful. So whenever you are getting down with your girl, always remember that compliments are some of the things women want in bed.


Men and women are built differently for sex. Men have engines that rev very quickly and can attain maximum speed in a matter of seconds. It's a lot different for women who have different engines that are much slower. That's where foreplay comes into play. Women need foreplay to get their bodies warm and running before it can start moving. As a matter of fact, the longer the foreplay, the better the sexual experience is for them. Except it's a quickie situation, foreplay is a must when sex is on with your girlfriend.

Guess what? The foreplay does not even need to start in the bedroom. The biggest sex organ in a woman is not her butt or breasts. It is her mind. You should always find ways to stimulate it with the things you tell her and how you look at her. So keep stimulating that mind of hers with some verbal foreplay. It works like a charm!


Your girl wants you to tell her what your sexual desires are because she is willing to tell you hers if you ask her. Talk to her about your fantasies. For women, an intimate conversation is key during sex. So you want to keep the communication going. One other thing that you should remember is that how you also communicate matters. A whisper in her ears would do more than you talking at the top of your voice. Keep your voice low. Keep it sexy. You can't know what women want in bed if you don't communicate with them.


Orgasm is the end game of sexual experiences. That is what the fuss is all about- a sudden release of sexual tension. When a girl does not orgasm, and you do, she feels like you cheated her out of something. A sexually satisfied woman is one of the happiest women out there. A woman that does not experience orgasm after the romp will feel irritable and frustrated at being turned on without getting to release all that sexual tension. That's why you need to communicate with her and pay attention to her body. Between the two, you will find a way to make her get her rocks off.

Have Backup

A good backup plan is one of the things women want in bed. The backup plan here refers to sex toys! Yeah, those. Whether it's a vibrator, dildo, or butt plug, your woman probably wants to explore the pleasures that sex toys offer. Especially if she likes extended play while in bed, it all boils down to how much you know about your woman's body and her desires. Actually, sex toys are a great backup plan if you are short on stamina and she needs a little more pleasure. Find out if she is into that kind of thing and indulge her.

What Women Like During Sex?

So what if you know what women want from a man sexually. Do you know what they want you to do during sex? Knowing what women want in bed is the "what" of the experience. But do you know what women like during sex? Do you know how they want you to get it done? Knowing how to give women the things they want in bed is just as important, and if you are short on that info, you are about to get a heads up. Here are some of the things that your girl likes during sex. Read on:

  • Kiss her neck
  • Let your fingers run through her hair
  • Fondle her breasts
  • Touch on her buttocks
  • Roleplay (optional)
  • Locate and rouse her g-spot
  • Repeat for her clitoris
  • Oral sex (optional)
  • Switch up your movement and speed
  • Always be passionate


Knowing what women want in bed used to be a big issue for many guys out there. That's why many relationships failed because whether you agree or not; sex is a biological need that must be met. You have to make sure that your girl's sexual needs are met. Or she gets someone to do that.

Now you have some tips that should guide you in understanding what your girl wants in bed. Apply what you just read, and you will have rewarding sexual experiences with her.