First-Time Lesbian Sex Stories You Must Read

Being lesbian and sharing first-time lesbian stories might be the most beautiful feeling ever. It is a depiction that lesbianism dating works just like normal man-woman relationships. Most of the lesbian stories are impactful of others who may have similar stories to acknowledge that love in lesbianism exists. While reading and reviewing your first lesbian story, you could tell that it’s just a girl-to-girl love that happened to impact two individuals and other individuals interested in lesbian love.

In a society where lesbianism has been highly criticized by religious individuals and society leaders, they have realized that you can’t choose who to love. The reason for a relationship is to find a person who understands you, values you, and can do anything for you in any situation. If a woman can find this in another woman, then their story is worth telling. Most lesbians meet just like any other couple, share their strengths and differences and begin dating. Therefore, this article will take you through an overview of first-time lesbian stories for serious lovers.

Lesbian Hookup Stories to Read

Lesbians often share stories about the experiences they have had while having a lesbian hook up. Most of them even go as far as exposing that they have slept with other people’s wives. Even though some of the stories may be insensitive, we must agree that they are fun to read. Even though meeting a woman who is ready to date and to marry another woman is hard to find, there are lesbian couples who have been successful in the dating world and even gotten married. There are fascinating stories of lesbian soulmates who have met offline and online and their stories can positively inspire lesbian couples.

Told by Mary

Our love story was love at first sight. It may sound a little corny but it’s a true story of what happened. As a matter o fact, my girlfriend has been telling me that when she saw me, she was sure that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Although our parents did not approve of same-sex relationships, we were open and had an undying love for one another, which we still do. We met in high school, lived together, and with many guy heartbreaks, we found out that we had a lot in common and that we should make a good couple. Six years down the line, here we are, sharing this beautiful story to let people know that lesbian relationships work.

Told by Makena

I had just started working as a waiter in a local restaurant and there was a girl who joined us after a couple of months. Since all my coworkers knew that I liked girls, they had all told me of a new girl. I began stalking her. After we got to the talking stage, she was also stalking me and the attraction grew from there and then. We have now been together for several months and it’s the best thing that has happened to me. We talk a lot, have fun times together, and love to watch movies together.

Told by Asha

My wife and I are high school sweethearts. We met during our second year in high school and just clicked from the first conversation. We both had mutual friends who invited us to a party and this is how all this happened. Although she was straight at the time, I didn’t mind about that. We dated for about a year and then moved to different cities after graduation. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. In the summer, she came to visit me and we moved in together for good.

Some Real First-Time Lesbian Stories

Most lesbians meet just in the normal way boys meet girls. However, even thug it may be difficult for a person to contemplate her girlfriends as lesbians, there are always first-time lesbian stories that are fascinating and worth sharing. First-time lesbian seduction stories can be positive or negative based on the experience one had on the first date. However, most of the stories are positive stories since moving to lesbianism is a whole new phase that girls go through in understanding their bodies and who they are. Therefore, some first-time lesbian stories have been shared by different individuals as showcased below;

Told by Ashley

I had just turned 28 years old and from a very bad breakup in which my boyfriend had cheated on me. I was finally single after five years of a serious relationship. I felt broken and alone. I lost a lot of pounds and moved to a new place in a bid to rediscover myself and what I wanted in life. I had never been open to dating women but I had this secret crush back in college. Even though nothing had happened, I used to fantasize about lesbianism a lot. I joined a dating site and had been talking to this girl for some time. We matched; conversation flowed in the right direction, and decided to go out to dinner. She was more attractive in person and we hit it off. We spend the night together and the feeling was amazing. We have been together for some years now.

Told by Mary

My first lesbian encounter was not appealing at all. I had never dated a girl and was looking to experiment. We went out for drinks with a couple of girls and may have gotten a little tipsy and decided to get wild. However, I was so anxious and didn’t allow myself to enjoy the experience. But I will try again.

Told by Esther

In college, I ended up being roommates with a girl who was bi, and his made me have a good sexual awakening. She relay encouraged me to try and have fun with her and experience this new wave of romance and affection. She even set me up on a date with her friend, went to her room after a few drinks, and had a sexual experience. It was amazing. Even though I was not aware of what I was doing, she made me feel so comfortable that I enjoyed the whole experience to the fullest.

Told by Keziah

Back in high school, I and my roommate realized that we had no dates on Valentine’s Day. We, therefore, made a mean, watched a movie, and started cuddling. Before we knew it, we were in the act which we enjoyed even though we knew nothing about lesbian sex.

Young First-Time Lesbian Stories to Read

Being young and naïve can lead you to try a lot of things. Many girls at a tender age are usually discovering their sexual part of life. Even though most girls date boys, there is a fair share of girls who like other girls. Most of these girls may keep it a secret for fear of having to come out as bi or lesbians. However, some are courageous enough to begin dating other girls. We have collected a few young girls’ first-time lesbian stories for you to read.

Told by Maria

In high school, I didn’t really like guys. I had this roommate who also didn’t like guys at all. We started hanging out together, went to class together, and even went on dates during lunch and dinner. We were so close that we became best friends. We then, during our second term decided to try dating. It turned out great and we had our first real date, got back to the room, and had sex. We were not fully aware of how it should go but we had fun. This is when I started liking girls and haven’t been in a guy relationship my entire life. It was one hell of an experience and we continued dating for some years until we got out of high school.

Told by Leah

I had just gotten from a bad breakup when I was 17 years old and wanted some time off dating. I got these really good friends who helped me get over it. As a young girl at the time, I wanted nothing to do with dating anymore and chose to concentrate on my studies. After two years, I realized that one of my best friends was bi. We talked about it and convinced me to try it. Although I was nervous, I decided to take the chance and try sex with her. It was amazing. She was very experienced and took me through it easily. It was my very first experience which transformed into many more until decided to only date girls.

Told by Stephanie

I have been adopted by a lesbian couple who love me very much. From when I was young, I have never seen a guy relationship with my parents. This might have given me the notion that guys are not good people since I was even told my dad disappeared. I developed a love for girls. My first experience was with a neighbor, though older than me, who was also a lesbian. She was gentle on me, started by cuddling, kissing, and eventually the deed. It got me understanding why I was raised by lesbians who lived a good and happy life. I want to just have relationships with ladies.