Sexy Pick-Up Lines That Will Get Her Wet

Sexy Pick-Up

You may have an idea of what pickup lines are because you must have used them at one point or the other in your life. You are probably here because you have noticed something. You must have noticed that your pick lines do not work as effectively as those used by the guys getting laid all the time.

You probably wonder why you use the "politest" pickup lines, but the other dude who gets the girls uses inappropriate pickup lines that work! Why? And what are you missing out on? There has to be a reason why raunchy pickup lines work, and yours don't.

First off, you need to understand that all girls have a naughty streak in them. It's deeper in some and closer to the surface in others. Most dope pickup lines work because they are dirty pick-up lines that exploit that streak in women. On the other hand, your attempt at being polite results in corny pickup lines that turn the girls off. That's why you haven't been successful with those pickup lines.

Your pickup lines are better off dirty, flirty, or sexy because the idea is to show your interest in the woman in a fun, teasing way that stirs interest in her. So how do you construct the right kind of dirty pick up lines? The truth is you may have the intent right, but somewhere between intent and construction, you manage to miss your way. The rest of the article will try to show you where you have been missing it. Read on.

Sexy Pick-Up Lines

Now there is an issue with this kind of pickup. To be honest, the same issue applies to all other pickup lines. Men do not know how to use their sexy pickup lines. They often put in too much sexual innuendo, too little humor, and an abysmal delivery, and they expect the pickup line to work. No, it won't. Using sexy pickup lines is an art that is to be mastered, or else you run the risks of ruining great dating prospects.

You see, the point of a sexy pickup line is to cut straight to the chase and let her know that you want sex. But how do you tell a stranger that without coming across as offensive to them? You use humor. The right blend of humor and sexual innuendo will create a sexy pickup line that does all the work for you. Bear in mind that women have a hyperactive mind that is always creating fantasies and such. Your sexy pickup line becomes something that tickles her fancy and sets her mind wandering. Once you can get a woman to do that, then you are halfway into her pants.

There is no formula for creating sexy pickup lines because the best pickup lines are original—That's why they work. You will fail if you tried using a script or a list of pickup lines to get a girl. Why? Because your flow would be off, and the pickup line would not reflect the context of the situation. The best way is to use the examples in the article as tips for constructing yours. Here are some examples of sexy pickup lines that you could use to guide your construction of dope pick up lines that work.

  • Your dress can leave, but you can't
  • Have you had your vitamin D today?
  • I hope it smells like fish because I love sushi
  • Hi, my friends call me the cat whisperer. Can I find your pussy?
Pickup Lines

Dirty Pick-Up Lines

Dirty pick-up lines are different from sexy pickup lines because they are straight-up inappropriate pickup lines that have an even greater potential to offend people. That's why you need to understand how it all works and probably the mistake you have made with your use of dirty pick up lines.

Most men have with using dirty pick-up lines because they often get right into it upon meeting a woman. Their reputation is of utmost importance to women. That is why even hookers try to upgrade their looks so that people treat them better.

The point is that you can't just use a dirty pickup line right off the bat after meeting a woman. You need to butter her up with other less lewd pickup lines that open her up for better communication. If you are physically present, you want to watch out for her body language.

It is only when you have primed her mind that you can introduce the raunchy lines. The best part about dirty pick-up lines is that if they don't lead to a sexual encounter immediately (odds that they won't), you get an icebreaker that leads to better communication, a warm encounter some sex if you play it right.

Playing it right means knowing who, when, where, and how to use them. Check out these examples!

  • Forget about taking a swim because I can make you drip more water than all the oceans in the world
  • I wish you were a washing machine so I could put all of my load in
  • Let's play a new type of strip poker. I get to poke you once you strip
  • Smile if you want to have sex with me
  • I would love to have a 2-second kiss to find out if you are the one for me

The trick with creating dirty pick-up lines is to come up with something that feels natural to you. If she senses that your pickup lines are not original, she will lose interest. So, when you are looking to create a dirty pick-up line for girls, be sure to keep it simple and straight to the point. You'd be surprised at how well it works once you got the basics. Another thing is to have the "balls" to pull it off.

Funny Pick Up Lines

Then there is the funny pickup line. Only a few guys can pull these pickup lines off because they are naturally funny guys. So it just flows for them. That's why funny pick-up lines are not for everyone. Genuine, original humor is hard to find. That is why you can easily tell when a comedian is struggling to be funny. Being funny is a natural talent that you either have, or you don't. You can't study or train to be funny. The same applies to pickup lines. Only use funny pick-up lines if they come naturally to you. You can't afford to say a corny pickup line just because you memorized a pickup line that didn't come outright. That'll surely blow any chances you have, and you don't want that, do you? Nobody wants to say corny pick-up lines dirty.

The reason why funny pick-up lines work is that they get the girl laughing, and you know what they say about making girls laugh-"If you can make a girl laugh, you have high chances of getting down with her."

However, while you must always be spontaneous, remember that timing is also of the essence here. No way would be a funny pick up line work at a funeral or candlelit procession. You have to know when to drop, when, and where to drop a funny pickup line. You want to end up dropping cheesy pick up lines dirty that cracks her up.

You should also watch how you deliver it because some of the power of a funny pickup line lies in the way it is told. Everyone likes to hear funny things, so if you got the others right, you might not bother about who you are telling the pickup line to. People like to laugh. Especially girls.

So if you are a naturally funny dude, then funny pickup lines might just be your thing. Here are some examples to help you:

  • I can't find my keys. Can I check your bra?
  • You look so-da-licious. Do you drink soda?
  • I was feeling off until you turned me on

Now that You Know

As if getting an adult to pick up lines that work was not difficult enough, you must craft the right type of hot pickup lines. That is if you are looking to land dates and get regular sexual encounters. Like most other dating relationships, crafting the right type of horny pickup line requires skill and class.

You might wonder what skill and class have to do with the dirty pick up lines that appear to be so popular among most women. The truth is that to blend sexual innuendo and humor in the right amount requires some skill. It also takes some class to know when, where, how, and whom dirty pick-up line should be spoken.

Dirty pick up lines always have and will continue to turn women on when said the right way. You could use the article's tips to craft different types of pickup lines that work for you. Of a truth, the best pickup line should have something of everything in it: dirty, funny, and sexy. If you find that difficult to remember, try something weird like funny pick up lines dirty.