Tips on How to Get a Fuck Buddy

Interested in How to Be a Fuck-Buddy?

There are many benefits to having a fuck buddy, or as some may call it “friends with benefits – FWB.” It’s a casual and easy way to spend your time with one sexual partner but without the commitment of a relationship. It’s a bit like a booty call, but with someone, you mutually enjoy spending time with. Some people love the easiness of having a fuck buddy, and it can be a great way to have your cake and eat it. But how do you become a fuck buddy and embark on a sex buddy relationship?

What is Fuck-Buddy?

Well, as the name suggests, a fuck buddy is someone you just meet and fuck when it is suitable to both parties. It is usually a friend or casual acquaintance that you find extremely attractive, but for one reason or another, you don’t want or can’t have a relationship with them. You can chat and share things with your fuck buddy, but essentially you are just in it for the sex and the chemistry. You can meet fuck buddies anywhere from dating an ex that you had great sex with to finding someone at work, but it is important that neither party gets hurt.

A Causal Sex Arrangement With no Ties

Essentially, you are entering into a casual sex agreement with someone with no ties. This means that you have to abide by a certain code of ethics (for want of a better word). You have to be aware that this is not the love of your life and that it is about mutually satisfying each other. That said, there needs to be ground rules that are adhered to by both parties so that there is a level of respect and expectations so that neither party gets in too deep.

The Rules for Fuck Buddies

When you are entering into a casual sex arrangement, there is a set of rules unspoken or otherwise. You both need to understand the rules and perhaps agree to the terms from an early stage. This may include:

  • How often you see each other and how often you should contact one another. Is there any time when contact is off-limits?
  • Where you meet – at your place, their place or on mutual ground
  • Agree to conditions should one of you develop feelings for the other one. You need to ensure that the emotion of the situation is manageable.
  • How much of an impact will this have on your friendship, and how valuable is that friendship? There should be no emotion involved, so a close friend is not advisable
  • Respect the other person’s boundaries and don’t expect more than what is on offer
  • Expect that at any stage, the other person’s circumstances may change, and the situation may no longer be agreeable
  • Don’t have sleepovers – this starts to resemble a relationship and can become a routine
  • Don’t spend time cuddling afterward – get yourself out of there and don’t be developing an emotion attachment
  • Make sure you are practicing safe sex – you don’t know who else they might be sleeping with.
  • Don’t get upset if they aren’t as into you as you would like
  • Keep it sexual – don’t start going shopping together and eating out or catching a movie

How to Find a Fuck-Buddy?

Sometimes these situations just evolve when two people don’t set out to find themselves a fuck buddy. It could be that you are colleagues that work together or that you just met by chance, and there was an instant attraction. Maybe you have met someone on a night out and meet up now and again for sex, but it really isn’t more than that. You could even have a fuck buddy without even realize that’s what they are. If you are interested in this type of arrangement, though, there is an easy way to find it.

Find Your Own Fuck Buddy Online

Thanks to modern technology and the ease of access, a dating site is full of singles that are looking for naughty, sexy hookups and casual encounters with hot singles in their local area, and it is easy to discover someone that you are likely to get along with. You don’t have to go out night after night trying to find the ideal partner for some casual sex when you can use your phone to find someone much quicker and more discreetly. You just jump online and create a dating profile, telling the site what you want and what you are looking for in a partner. You simply state that you want from a casual arrangement and how far you are willing to travel. The site will find relevant matches, and then you decide whom you want to get to know better.

Managing a Casual Sex Relationship

Sometimes these arrangements are better kept private. Some people aren’t as open-minded, and this is not someone you are going to introduce to your friends or your parents. The whole secrecy of the situation can lead to a greater level of excitement, and you can do without the smug friends in their cozy relationships that might judge your arrangement. You may have open-minded friends that you wish to share your escapades with, but for the most part, these type of hookups are better kept under wraps so that other people opinions don’t cloud your own view of the situation and they don’t start putting ideas in your head about how you are worth more and should be expecting more.

Do What Makes You Happy

It is important that you get what you want out of the relationship. Whatever stage of life you are, everyone has desires and passions and needs that require satisfying. If you have been in previous relationships and want to take time for you or you are managing a busy life, then this sort of arrangement is ideal. It means you have time for everything in your life without the demands of a needy relationship that requires your attention.

There is so much to be said for getting exactly what you want and need out of dating. Not everyone is in a position to commit to a relationship for various reasons but still want to enjoy the benefits of having sex with someone. Managing your expectations is key, and being sure to put yourself and your needs first. Do what makes you happy and have some fun until you are ready for something else out of your dating.