Experience Your First Lesbian Sex Casual Hookup

How Do Lesbians Have Sex?

If you are new to the world of girl on girl action and you are a bit nervous that you haven’t been with a woman before or want some tips for your first time, then our lesbian sex tips will help you to enjoy yourself with more confidence. You can relax, go with the flow and make sure that you both get what you want out of your first time. It may be your first time, and you may be getting to know someone with experience, or you may be looking to partake in your first lesbian hookup with someone in the same situation. Whatever position you find yourself in, we take a look at some top tips to get the most out of your first girl on girl action.

Women Having Sex with Women

There are many ways for women to enjoy each other in the bedroom. From touching each other and exploring one another’s body, to oral sex and using toys, there are many things that help you get the most out of girl on girl sex. If you completely lack experience, then try not to worry. You will soon get the hang of it. The great thing is that women know what women want. They know how to please another woman sexually as it is much the same way that they enjoy being pleasured themselves. There may be a particular thing that gets you off that you can try with your partner. The key is to experiment and see what she responds to, starting with the things that you know you like.

Let Her Take the Lead for the First Time

If you are a complete novice and have never had sex or only had sex with men, your first time can be a little intimidating. While the chances are, it will the best sex that you ever have, you probably have some inhibitions. Somehow it can be easier with a woman, especially one that knows what she is doing. Let her pleasure you and show you the things she likes first before you return the favor and do the same for her. If you are a student and she is a teacher, you will learn a lot. If she knows that it is your first time, and you should be honest about that, you should find that she is patient and enjoys showing you how she likes to be touched, kissed and licked.

Take It Slowly and Savor It

There doesn’t have to be a frantic ripping off of clothes or wanton lust where you just want to get down to it right away. Take it slowly and enjoy every minute. Tease one another, touch each other above the neck first, enjoy kissing and caressing one another before you go further, and get intimate. Just like a relationship with a guy, you may just kiss on your first date. You may go a lot further, but that doesn’t mean that you have to rush things. The first time should be something that you remember, and that just keeps getting better and better.

How Does a Woman Make Love to Another Woman?

While some women still like to have penetrative sex, there are lots of other ways to make each other climax. Oral sex and fingers are one way to hit the spot and make your partner come. If you find you still like the feeling of penetration, then introduce sex toys. You can use a dildo or vibrator to simulate sex, or you can use a strapon. Some women like to be the dominant one and to fuck their partner while others like to be fucked. Experimenting is the ideal way to discover what you like and what ticks your boxes.

Use Sex Toys and Role Play

Just like any sexual encounter, there are so many things that you can introduce into your sex life. Perhaps you have a fantasy about being dominated, or you want to be in control, or maybe you want to go for a specific fantasy where you both dress up as something. Use your new-found sexual experiences to find out what you like. Toys are another element that you can introduce. Be it small vibrators or big double-ended dildos, there are many things to experiment with. Tie one another up and pleasure each other or experiment with any number of sex toys as long as you feel comfortable.

Watch Each Other Come

Nothing shows another person how you like to be touched as much as a bit of masturbation. Masturbate together while you touch yourselves instead of the other person. Not only is it really horny, but it will also show her where and how you like to be touched. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, or are you more turned on by fingers or toys inside of you? Perhaps you like to be fingered and licked at the same time. Watching the other one’s face while she makes herself come can also be a really big turn-on.

Learn New Things That You Didn’t Know You Liked

The great thing about a girl on girl sex is no one knows your body better than another woman. Maybe you always come a certain way and make yourself come using the same techniques, but perhaps she is going to show you something that blows your mind. Sometimes we just need to be shown different techniques to see what we have been missing and to open up a whole world of new opportunities. Be open-minded to new experiences and relax while she experiments on you. You may do things that she has never tried before, and you both gain new feelings out of the whole experience.

You don’t have to be a master of lesbian sexual techniques to be able to show a woman a good time. Let’s be honest, how many first times with a guy have you had where it has not exactly been as you planned? However nervous you are, and a however little experience you have, the softness of another woman and the feminine touch can be so much more erotic than anything you have ever experienced before. The best advice is to relax, be open-minded, and be upfront that it is your first time. You may surprise yourself.