How to Spice Up Your Hookup Relationships

Keeping a relationship fresh can be one of the most challenging things that you do as a lover. That being said, it’s very important to make sure your relationship does not get boring; otherwise, you and your partner could lose interest in each other. There are ways that you can make your relationship more exciting, though, even if you are dating someone online. The key for you to keep your partner on the hook is to be willing to try new things. Now, that does not mean you have to try things that are well outside of your boundaries, but it does mean that you should explore your comfort zone a bit and find out if there is any additional space there. Doing the unexpected with your partner or partaking in something that they desire is a surefire way to keep things spicy in your relationship.

Hookup relationships are a very different kind of interaction, though. To keep these partnerships hot and spicy, you really have to stay on your toes. Still, some of the ways that you can keep these meetings hot include:

  • Let your partner be in charge of everything for a night
  • Offer to meet up somewhere during the daytime
  • Surprise your date with a new outfit
  • Be more aggressive than unusual (but make sure to mind your partner’s boundaries)
  • Offer to try a new sex position or style
  • Go to a new location that you’ve never been

All of these tips will help you shake yourselves out of complacency and start having a lot more fun together. The easiest tip to live up to is to try a new location. So many people get bored with going back to one another’s home. Instead, go out to a nice hotel for the night. The change of scenery will make you completely wild!

The other tips are just as good, but they might take some more careful planning. For example, it’s a little harder for a guy to try a new outfit, but it’s possible. Instead of wearing t-shirts and jeans, try out a nice fitted collared shirt and tie with slacks. Look different, and you’ll feel different!

Try Online Flirting with Your Partner

Many people wonder, can online relationships work? Not only can they work, but they can be some of the hottest ones you’ll have. When you meet a person online, you’ll have the chance to build your relationship piece by piece. Along the way, you should flirt with them to let them know that you’re interested in them in much more than a platonic way. Sure, not being close to your partner can be difficult. It will surely stifle the physical relationship, but good flirting can let you both have a steamy interaction until you meet in person!

Online communication can also work in established relationships. You and your partner can utilize the internet to keep things hot and private all day long while building your desire. A great way to spice up your relationship is to exercise a little restraint. When someone tells you that you can’t have something, you will think about getting it all day long, right? The same thing can happen with relationships. That is why a great idea for you to try is to flirt online with your romantic partner.

To be clear, this should not replace actual intimacy; it should supplement it. When you and your partner are not together, you should log into your app of choice and spend some time flirting with one another. Tell them how much you miss them and how you can’t wait until the two of you are together again soon. You can even go into detail about what you plan to do with them when you’re alone with them later in the day. You never know; this might prompt a sudden and much-needed hookup in the middle of the day! People will do amazing things to make their partner happy and get some satisfaction for themselves.

Now, a lot of people wonder why we say to flirt online. There are a few reasons. First off, you should get in the habit of using a specific app just for flirting or sending steamy messages. Why is that the case? Too many people have suffered from some extreme embarrassment with their friends and family by sending a hot message to one of them instead of the intended partner. Not only can that cause some problems at home, but it has cost people their jobs. Always separate your hot messages from your regular ones!

Another reason to use a specific app online is that you can set a specific notification alarm on your device. That way, you’ll perk up right away when someone sends you a message, and that special alert sound goes off. You’ll also know better than to open the message in public.

In short, flirting online with your partner is going to radically change your life. The ability to share private messages with your partner throughout the day without anyone being the wiser is not just fun; it’s revitalizing!

Turn Your Lover On with Naughty Photos and Videos

When it comes to finding new ways to keep things hot in your life, you have to think about the possibilities that come with sending various forms of digital media to one another. That’s right; we’re talking about sending naughty pictures and videos to one another.

Taking and sending naughty pictures and videos can leave someone with their mouth agape and their eyes bulging out of their head. They will want to stop whatever they are currently doing and come to you for some kind of hot action.

Guys have their work cut out for them when it comes to sending naughty photos to women. This difficulty stems from the fact that almost every guy is willing to get naked and send some pictures to ladies. Guys give away the goods too easily, so it’s not enough for them to send a video of them doing something to themselves to get a lady hot and bothered. Instead, show your partner what they want to see that’s not you. They tend to focus on all the other facets of a situation; the man is a given. So, show them the bed with candles lit and send pictures of an outfit that you have picked out for them to wear while you are in the heat of the moment later on. Show ladies the preparation of what you have later and then slip in something a little naughtier if you feel like it. For men, it’s about using pictures and messages to set the right tone for the night’s events.

On the other hand, women can be successful with naughty videos and pictures by showing a man as much of themselves as they feel comfortable. Men love the pictures of women’s bodies because, to them, it’s the most intimate thing that a woman can send to them. That means any picture with fewer clothes on than usual will be immediately interesting to a guy and get his attention right away. You can use the pictures and videos as a way to tease your partner, or you can use them as a way to have some fun for yourself and show your partner the results.

Keeping a relationship fresh is not always about doing work and unpleasant tasks. Sometimes, it’s about showing your partner a video of you touching yourself—so you’re having fun and getting your significant other a little riled up!

Let’s go back to a previous concept for a moment. You will want to adopt the use of a specific app that you both can use specifically to send these sorts of pictures and videos. While sending a steamy text to the wrong person can be very embarrassing, the fact remains that videos and pictures are far worse to send to other people. So, use a separate app to spice up boring relationships, and you will thank yourself for the effort!

Remember that you have to consider your partner’s desires, too. Some of them might be too embarrassed to send you some invasive pictures. Let them send you whatever they’re willing to send and build up their courage over time!

Spice Up Your Sex Life: Use Sex Toys or Sex Games

When it comes time to spice up your sex life, there are some very obvious things ways that you can handle it. Sex toys are the best way to spice up a boring relationship because they offer you the chance to have a new experience with your partner rather than the same old stuff. It’s not as easy as buying a toy for yourself all the time, though. Here’s why that is true.

As far as good sex ideas go, bringing toys into the bedroom should be easy. The only problem is that not every person is comfortable with the idea. Some guys might get jealous if you bring toys into the situation, so you should talk with them first. Let them know that you love what they do and how they interact with your body; you just want to experiment and have some more fun. Offer to let them use it with you or, if they are brave enough, see if they want you to get something for them, too.

There are all sorts of couples’ toys that you can use in the bedroom that will shake you both out of the monotony of life and keep things hot and spicy for years to come. You both have to decide what you’re comfortable using and how to use it, but most people that are resistant to toys come to love them.

One of the other great sex ideas that exists today is using sex games to get your partner hot, bothered, and involved. What are sex games? Well, there are many varieties available today, so you and your partner will have to choose one that works for you. For example, one of the games that exist today is a deck of cards that has instructions on it. You draw a card, flip it on the table, and then do as it says. This can have you licking a body part, tickling your partner, or getting involved in other ways. It’s a hot precursor to sex, and you might end up leaving the game halfway through to get down to business.

Keeping a relationship fresh can be a lot of fun when you include toys and games. Just have a conversation with your partner beforehand, and you can both agree on how to stock up on some bedroom toys and games.

Watch, Learn, Read, Repeat

We’ve looked at many different ways to spice up your love life throughout this article, and it’s time for us to sum up the important parts in a way you can easily browse and understand. These should be your key takeaways:

  • Spicing up your hook relationships will take work. However, you can change locations, try new things in the bedroom, and change your personality for the night to have a good time.
  • Online flirting can be great whether you are in a long-distance relationship or you’re in a committed one but need a new place to communicate.
  • Naughty photos and videos are a great way to maintain your partner’s interest and put them in the mood, but you need to be careful about how you send them!
  • Sex toys and games should be introduced to the bedroom to keep things hot, but you should also consult your partner before buying anything for them

You can spice up relationships in a lot of ways. Being open to new experiences is the best way to keep your relationship nice and hot! So, make sure you have a good camera, a sense of adventure, and a desire to please your partner, and you’re bound to have a great time!