How to Meet and Date a Lesbian?

Lesbian Dating Advice on How to Find a Date

If you are looking for anything from a casual lesbian dating experience to something more long-term, you probably want to find an easy way of meeting them. Going out to gay bars and clubs to try and find lesbians that are not only singles but also compatible can be a struggle and can end up being a fruitless task. Instead, you can take charge of your dating and find the perfect match. We tell you how, as well as sharing our top lesbian dating and flirting tips for your first lesbian date.

How Do I Find a Lesbian to Date?

The first step in lesbian dating is actually finding a date. If you don’t have a date, then any kind of advice is going to be wasted. If you want to meet lesbian singles in your area that have plenty in common and are looking for the same sort of arrangement, the best place to find them is online. Using a local dating site, single women seeking women can meet and get to know one another, enjoying flirty chat before they commit to actually meeting for a proper date. It is easy, convenient, and really discreet, which means you can sit back and find someone from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

How to Flirt With a Lesbian?

If you are chatting with someone up online and hoping to get to know them better for a date, you can use a dating site to flirt. Start off with something more casual and relaxed though, don’t go straight in with cheesy chat up lines or suggestive messages. Comment on something from their profile, such as a hobby or something that you have in common. If you want to open the flirting, you can comment on how they look in their profile picture, maybe. Gradually introduce the flirting, though, and see how they respond before you go over the top. Also bear in mind that they might be busy at work or it may not be a good time before you start sending really suggestive messages.

How to Ask a Lesbian Out?

So, if you are chatting online, there will come a natural point where it is perfectly natural to ask them out. They may even ask you out first. If you have been getting on really well online and the chemistry is there, you may be excited about the prospect of meeting them, but be sure to wait until you are both sure before you ask them out. If you are not online and you have actually met someone at work, at the gym, or in a bar, you may just want to come straight out and ask them out. You could go for a soft approach and suggest a coffee.

What if You Aren’t Sure if They Are into Women

Let’s say you meet someone, and you have a hunch that they are a lesbian, but you aren’t entirely sure. It may be awkward asking someone out if they are straight, and you are getting the wrong vibe. It is good to take a friendly approach in this instance and get to know them in a friend's capacity as you learn more about them. As you start to get to know one another, you will soon discover their sexual tendencies and if they are into women. If she is flirting with you and seems tactile and holds your gaze, for example, you can be pretty confident that she fancies you as much as you fancy her.

If This Is New to You and Not to Her

There is a strong chance that lesbian dating could be new to you or even to her or both of you. If this is your first dalliance into the world of lesbian hookup, you are likely to meet people that already have experience. It is not uncommon for those without experience to be guided by someone who has been a lesbian for a long time, or that has always been a lesbian. It could be the other way around, and this could be her first time in which case you need to remember what it was like for you. Don’t worry about your lack of experience; let yourself be guided by others and be upfront about your past relationships or lack of. Always be honest, as this will allow others to be patient and understanding with you.

How to Date as a Lesbian?

The world is a more liberal place now, and it is not uncommon to see men or women holding hands in public or out and about together kissing. The thing is everyone is different, and many people just don’t like public displays of affection. If you are worried that you may be judged, which will put extra pressure on your date, go somewhere discreet where you can chat, relax and not worry if you lean in for that first kiss. Also, consider where you are going to go and what you are going to do. What things do you both enjoy, and what is your idea of a great date? Perhaps you want to enjoy some outdoor activities together

Lesbian Dating Advice for That First Kiss

Just like any relationship, that first kiss is always the one where we expect the tingling and the toe-curling. It should be a moment that is enjoyed and savored and that you don’t want to end. Usually, there is a strong indication that the moment is right. It could be at the end of the date or during the date. The key is to pick your moment and your location. Pick somewhere discreet where you aren’t feeling self-conscience. You don’t want your first kiss to be in a pub full of rowdy guys, for example. That is one sure-fire way to kill the moment.

Just because you happen to prefer women to men, it doesn’t mean that the principles of dating are any different. You still want to feel special, to fancy the other person, to have lots in common, and to feel confident that they share your interest in them. From what you wear on that first date to the first kiss, it’s the same regardless of gender. It is most important just to be yourself and not to try and be something you are not. If you are new to lesbian dating, then just treat it the same as any other dating that you have experienced.