What Are the Signs That a Lady Is Attracted to You in The Workplace?

Office romance is a common thing in work places. Working closely long hours daily could make personal connection inevitable. The coffee or lunch break becomes a connection area. The interactions & chit chats prompt meet-ups after work. Colleagues meet after work, have a drink, get intimate before heading home.

Some co-workers are friendlier than others. Some want more than just friendship. Some friendships may interest you, others want more than a friend zone. Most male co-workers believe the office is strictly professional working relationship. Outside work will be for a game or drinks.

Women co-workers are more intimate in building relationships which leads to feelings cropping up. Women initiate most affairs in the office. It’s a tough balancing professional relationship for women without crossing the line. It’s easier for personal relationships to be intimate.

It’s more complicated when a married female co-worker likes you. You ponder whether she likes you or is being friendly? Does she like you beyond a nice tea-serving gesture? A married woman will gently show you the signs but must see it. Be smart to understand what she is communicating.

What Shows a Married Lady Likes You at Work?

You see her functioning each day. Dressed astutely, partaking completely in company gatherings, boosting the company sales. By and large, she is invested in her work. Recently, she appears to be excessively well-disposed, playful & loquacious with you. You accept that it's harmless, cordial with no ill-timed thoughts. She keeps making you believe it's her character. She is tireless with you, which show she enjoys your company. Yet, she advances ever forward. Showing more signs of attraction for you. A profound jump into investigating signs a married lady likes you at work uncovers a ton. A portion of the indications incorporate;

  • She’s close to you
  • She assists with your tasks
  • Asks about your companions & family constantly
  • Acts all envious when you are around different ladies
  • She gazes at you alluringly
  • Finds a method of tenderly contacting you
  • She plays with you

While it's not uncommon to find married women liking you at work, it takes careful eyes to know the seriousness. Here is how to find out:

She is ever around you

When someone likes you, they will always be around you: all the coffee breaks, the lunches, take-outs. If a woman is attracted to you, she will be ever there. The elevator rides, lunch breaks, afternoon coffee, she is always there.

She asks about your personal life

Caring people ask about your personal life. They check on you, know about your family, friends, & pets. Asking how your parents, siblings are doing is a sign a co-worker likes you. Don't mistake this with people who occasionally ask about your family. Consistency is paramount here. It's done frequently, detail-oriented & genuinely caring. She will dig deeper. Know them by names. That sets her apart. It shows she likes you.

She gets jealous when you are around other women

Women are very territorial. They protect what they perceive as theirs. Notice how she gets angry, jealous, or anxious when you are around other women. Her instincts tell to protect you from "competition". Thou she has a husband & kids; she will be very territorial if she likes you. It's an easy sign of a female co-worker who likes you.

She flirts with you

Flirting is a sign of attraction. Married women are broadly flirting at work. When they like you, they flirt, joke, even tease. They bite their lips, flick their hair, stand uneasy, laugh at all the jokes. By flirting, they are sending you signs that she finds you attractive.

Does a Co-worker Like Me?

At your workplace, there is a female co-worker you feel like you. She is ever around you; she is charming, friendly, offers to buy you coffee. Are those enough signs that she likes you? She close to you as a colleague? Let's look at it extensively.

You need to establish if she likes you or it's all in your mind. Look for the obvious or unlikely signs of a married woman liking you at work. The following will help you get a better picture:

She tells of her secrets

Women are extremely cautious with their secrets. If she likes you, she tells you things in confidence. Her deep family secrets, dirty stuff at work, personal issues never told. Letting you in is a sign she likes you.

She sits alongside you in conferences

Every conference, meeting, business trip, she sits close or next to you. She looks for every opportunity to be close to you. If you are wondering how to tell a woman is attracted to you at work, look at how she behaves at conferences, meetings, gatherings etc. It shows her true intentions.

You catch stealing glances from her

If you like someone, you want to see them daily. But since it's a workplace, she steals glances frequently. It's shows a married woman is attracted to you. Stealing glances is a good telltale sign.

She is nervous around you

People are nervous around someone they like. Thus, she acts nervous every time you are around. Some may think it's work-related issues, but her consistency shows otherwise. It shows a woman who likes her co-worker.

Occasional touches from her

Our subconscious controls most of what we do without us noticing. Hence, when a woman likes her co-worker, she will constantly touch him. It's casual, jokingly even, but it's a sign. A sign that she likes him. She does it occasionally, showing her need to be in touch. The touches communicate her feelings.

She asks things unrelated to work

When she likes you, she will be generally interested. Her talks will go well beyond work stuff. She shows interest in your hobbies, hangouts & more. It’s her way of connecting with you. Thou married; she shows her interest in your life.

She stalks you on social media

Social media is fun & addictive. If a married co-worker follows you, likes all your posts & pictures, she is hooked. Its her way of stalking.

These signs, plus more, shows she likes you. If you see one or two signs above, it’s harmless. But what makes it profound is consistency. You can tell that she likes you by comparing her to her co-workers. Thou married, she is close to you, physically, emotionally, even financially.

What Signs Show a Married Woman Is Flirting at Work?

People now have what is called a work spouse. The one person from opposite gender whom they are close to, go out & work together. They spend all their time in the office together. While it appears acceptable & harmless, sometimes it feels like flirting. So, what happens when your work spouse becomes too invested in the relationship? Or you see the woman or man likes you more than they're letting on. Do you quit, resign, go, or do you change tact?

Before you can answer that, here are signs of a married lady flirting with you at work;

She compliments you constantly

When a female co-worker compliments you more times, it might be a sign of attraction. She may have upgraded her complementing game, saying all the nice things to keep you giggling all the time. Don't mistake that with the usual; you look smart comments. If she goes beyond with the compliments than your dressing, she might have feelings for you.

She makes reasons to be around you

Whether it's unfinished tasks, assistance with her work, or making things up, a married woman who wants to flirt will always find the time. She will come up with anything to be in your company. Thou married; she craves your company. She is ever present.

She consistently asks you out for coffee

When she likes you, she will grab lunch with you constantly. Occasionally lunches with co-workers are typical. But when it's done regularly, it reveals feelings. She only asks you for lunch, not the other co-workers. It shows her attraction & need to be close to you. She asks you out—volunteers to pay every time.

She teases you a lot

Flirting comes with teasing. Married woman tease people they like. She craves your attention & goes to more extraordinary lengths to get it. She plays with you, calls you cute names, play with her ponytails. All the teasing she can master. It's calculated. It's targeted. It works for them. Teasing is effective in showing hidden feelings.

She sends flirting texts, emails, and chats

Company rules prohibit her from going all out. All communication closely monitored, but still, she flirts with you. Sending flirtatious texts & emails shows her attraction. She can no longer hide it. You will know it when you see your inbox. She sends you signals.

Her partner never comes up in conversations

Married co-worker flirts all the time. Her husband or family never comes up. Hardly will she mention her husband, kids, or marriage. Bringing attention to her private life isn't her plan. The accidental mention is met with awkward silence. It isn't an uncomfortable topic for her.

It's now clear that she flirts with you at work. It looks simple, harmless, playful even, but it's more than that. It's calculated flirting. The law of attraction is evident. What next? What's the best possible solution? Start by creating professional distance between the two of you. It will appear cold, rude, but it's necessary. Distance will kill the vibes. The attraction slowly dies down.

Avoid secluded scenarios for you two. Keep it strictly professional. Be in groups for lunch, coffees, outings, after hours. Ensure no exclusive setups. Wisely, tell her about it. Talking to her avoids instances of misunderstandings. It clears the air leaving the whole issue wide open. Everyone knows the feelings and position of the other. If you reciprocate the feelings, tell her. Put everything on the table.

If it escalates, try swift actions. If it affects your performance, consult your superiors. Gather hard evidence first. Accusations without evidence are not enough.

Talking to your work spouse is the best course of action. It clears the air with no hidden agendas or intentions. Everyone knows their position.